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The S.E.A.L. Team members wrote poems that artistically share our principles. It is a literacy component that teaches our message in a creative way and emotionally shares our member's perspectives.

 Kindness is the heart of the world

It is in everyone, deep in their soul

Just like a flower, it continues to bloom

All for the sake of overcoming one’s gloom

Kindness is easy to have

You could make someone laugh or sing them a song

All to make the positivity in this world strong

Everyone has kindness in them

But some are shy to show it

Kindness is not just acting

Kindness is everlasting


John Pierre Alkhoury

Class of 2020


Staring in the mirror,

I couldn’t admire anything as much

Such a face to adore.

Could you love me any more?


Staring in the mirror

I think back on old texts and pictures

Can’t, won’t depicture the feeling

Insecure, and numb to the core

Not a single ounce of self love,

Ugh what a bore.

How I felt this way

Not any more


Staring in the mirror

I want to push through,

I want all the negative stuff to spew

Although I may still feel blue

I feel as if my confidence grew.


And it grew and grew,

I grew wings and flew

I just want you to fly like me

this is your cue.


Abigail Borrome

Class of 2021

Staring in the Mirror


Paint minds

 Guide thoughts

  Embrace achievements

  Advise faults    



Inspire a love

   Of knowledge and truth

  As they light the path

   Which leads our youth



Our future gets brighter

    With each lesson you teach

    Each smile gets wider

     With each goal you help reach



You help us fulfill our potential

   And for that you are essential

We appreciate you each day

And for that we want to say

Two simple words

That will go a long way

Thank you


   Abigail Borrome 

Class of 2021

Dear Teacher 

Each and every snowflake is different.

All are Magnificent!

Not one is alike, not one is disliked.

We all are Snowflakes, unique and amazing!


It's our job to make every snowflake feel special.

We are all different and essential.

Our uniqueness sets us apart.

And unity will melt our hearts.


Being unique is nothing to hide,

Being unique should be shown with great pride!

Be the snowflake of diversity

That encompasses love and empathy

Katherine Fava

Class of 2022

Unique Like a Snowflake

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